Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marie Victoria Malmquist, New Sweden, Maine

Marie's father, Eric Malmquist, emmigrated from Skane, Sweden in 1880 and then sent for his wife and three daughters, Marie, Alma, and Karen, ages 15, 8, and 3, to join him in New Sweden, Maine. Seven other children died back in Sweden before the family came to the US.
Eric worked as a tailor, first in a shop in the near-by town of Caribou and then going from house to house to do tailoring. His daughter Marie bought him a sewing machine in 1885.
After his wife Anna's death at age 69, he lived with his daughter Karen's family until he died at age 87. Eric Malmquist held the Boston Post Cane from 1921-1925.
Marie Malmquist, pictured at right, wrote 12 books, some in English and some in Swedish, including poetry and prose. She recorded much of the early history of New Sweden. She worked as a housekeeper, teacher, nurse, and foreman in a knitting mill and shoe factory. Marie lived in Sweden, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire where she died at age 92. She is buried at Capitol Hill in New Sweden, Maine with her parents as she never married.
Note: "fodd den" is Swedish for "born in" and "dod den" means "died in"
Anna Sofie Malmquist
Fodd den 5 Maj 1834
Dod den 28 Juli 1903
Eric P. Malmquist
Mar 14 1838-Aug 5, 1925
Marie Malmquist