Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Mary A. Wanstrom Peterson

Maria "Mary A." (Wanstrom) Peterson is buried on Capitol Hill at New Sweden, Maine. She was born about 1857, the third of eight children to Hans N. and Kjersti Wanstrom who settled on the Margison Road in Woodland, Maine.

Mary Peterson died at about age 41 years old, a year and a half after her mother died at age 70 years.

Mary A.
wife of

Geo A Peterson


Jun 10 1898
Ae 41 ys 3 ms

Mary's younger sisters predeceased her (Carrie at age 26 and Annie at age 20) as did her older brother John at age 34 years.

Carrie E.


Oct. 24 1886

Ae 26 ys 3 ms 24 ds

Annie C.


May 21 1889

Ae 20 ys 7 ms

John D.


Sept. 29 1893

Ae 34 ys 10 ms 3 ds

Children of Hans N &

Kjersti Wanstrom